By now, you've watched all five lessons of the Mastering Home-Based Voice Over course.
Now, it's time to get serious:

Want to finally create a successful, satisfying and profitable VO career?

Become a VOHeroes Pro member now!

Included in your VOHeroes Pro membership:

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Over 40 award-winning classes

From the basics to the fine tuning, from equipment to performance, from art to commerce to science to mindset, the courses will take you from zero to hero at your own pace, and with support all along the way.

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The VOHeroes Labs How-To Videos

An amazing library of dozens of video demos that David has recorded for you, demonstrating how to do individual tasks voice over. The Labs are searchable and are constantly being added to and updated.

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VOHeroes ProConnect Community

Your membership gives you instant entry to the most powerful and giving community of VO talent and coaches, so you can discuss and explore all that you've learned and all that you'll experience as a professional.

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Monthly on-mic workouts

Every month, you jump on Zoom with David, or with the coach of your choice, and you workout on mic, voicing scripts in all VO categories and getting instant and continuing feedback and guidance.

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Monthly ProConnect Live business sessions

You don't just get training in how to tell stories on mic - you also meet with our coaches monthly to get deep training and support on how to build, grow and sustain your voice over practice.

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And...all your home studio gear included

The moment you join, you'll be shipped the very same home VO gear that David uses every single day in his home studio, and you'll be given access to installation instruction and support.

Your membership includes all bonuses:

Steep discounts on demos, coaching and more

A copy of Rehearsal® Pro, the app for actors (and VO talent)

Limited edition VOHeroes Pro-only blue Mike Sock

Automatic Pro Emeritus status after 1 year

Extracurricular classes like Mastering Home-Based Voice Over

eBook: 10 Mistakes VO Talent Make

eBook: 8 Ways To Maximize Your Booking Rate

Back catalog of 3 years’ VO workout recordings

Bonus class: VO Booking Blueprint

Bonus class: Believe – 24 hour long mindset course

Registration closes on Sunday night at midnight PT. VOHeroes Pro will not be available again until September 2022.

NOTE: Your membership includes automatic complimentary upgrading to Pro Emeritus after you complete your first year, and the special $67 monthly discounted rate noted below begins one full year from today. You will be notified of that upgrade before your credit card is charged, and can cancel at any time.

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